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Leo and Goran

I'm Ivana, I'm sixteen, and I'm in LOVE with Leonardo DiCaprio. Goran Visnjic is my second favorite actor. We both have one thing in common--we're both Croatian...:D Yep, I speak it, so does he, and I saw one of his movies that he did in Croatian, and let me tell you, he's AMAZING! lol...as is Leo...oh, don't even get me started with him..lol..he's gorgeous no matter what--same goes for Goran...they're both hot!! :D

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i dont like leonardo decraprio.
Well, I do...I'm sorry if you don't, but that won't change anything for me...
Goran! Hee!
Yep...the Croatian actor...I'm Croatian too! :D :D We have that one thing in common..lol

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I know!! And I luv your Gerry icon!! :)

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I LOVED HIM IN Phantom of the Opera!

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it's only because of him that I love the movie so much. I watch it almost every day! lol

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Yup, he is!! Isn't that great? lol

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Don't be harsh on her!! You should never marry for looks! The marriage won't last!!

He loves her, that's the most important thing.

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:) sure is!!

And Croatian too!! That's even more great! lol

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Me and Goran have that one thing in common!! We're both Croatian natives!! lol