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talk about HOT guys' Journal

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18th December 2005

jambee10:17pm: Hottie Brad
Who doesnt like Brad Pitt? I love his shaved head in Mr and Mrs Smith! I can't wait to get that movie, hot! Great gift too.

http://www.foxstore.com/detail.html?item=1572&u More Info There

18th November 2005

godslilgift10:16pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
+A rating community as well as a community for celebrities!
+Cool Mod
+Scavenger Hunts, Themes, Contests, and Polls!
+Fair voting system
+10 AUTO ACCEPTS!!!! Just read Info page!
(You can delete but don't spam because its not in your rules!!!)

7th July 2005

slice_n_die_sss7:22pm: NOW THATS HOTT!

Current Mood: horny

27th June 2005

hotbanana9:04pm: its been a while.............
hey...do any of you remember me? hannah. well, i joined this community a hella long time ago, but then i got kicked off of the computer for seven whole months!!! *sigh*...but my love for johnny depp and brad pitt has not waivered in that time!!! ive missed this community so much tho, and all of you as well. i hope you guys remember me!!!

PS: all you guys COME TO MY LJ!!!! please!!! everyone and anyone is welocme to come, and i will add whoever cooments onto my friends list, so come PLEASE!
Current Mood: hopeful

23rd April 2005

dicaprioangel10:09pm: Leo and Goran

I'm Ivana, I'm sixteen, and I'm in LOVE with Leonardo DiCaprio. Goran Visnjic is my second favorite actor. We both have one thing in common--we're both Croatian...:D Yep, I speak it, so does he, and I saw one of his movies that he did in Croatian, and let me tell you, he's AMAZING! lol...as is Leo...oh, don't even get me started with him..lol..he's gorgeous no matter what--same goes for Goran...they're both hot!! :D

American Actor-Leonardo DiCaprioCollapse )

Croatian Actor-Goran VisnjicCollapse )

Current Mood: content

29th March 2005

bruenettebabe0x8:41pm: Join!!!!!!
Current Mood: crazy

23rd January 2005

cakefrosted2:08pm: wow..no recent updates??
okay i wonder if anyone even goes to this community. anyway heres 5 of my hotties ;P (not in any order)

1. Will Smith
2. Tom Welling
3. Trent Ford
4. Michael Copon
5. T. I.
Current Mood: accomplished

8th September 2004

clandescent9:07pm: Newbie!
Hi everyone! I'm an LJ newbie.
Top 5 hot guys:
1. Orlando Bloom
2. Johnny Depp
3. Tom Welling
4. Michael Rosenbaum
5. Christian Kane

Since watching Troy, I've started liking Eric Bana too.
Current Mood: good

5th September 2004

limegreenstars9:48pm: hey! just joined! new to LJ
I cant really chat but i claim:

matthew lillard
jake gyllenhaal(can we share, someone has him already.)
^^^allll mine. xD

30th August 2004

kissmeimjewish12:04pm: Promotion...


28th August 2004

j2da_tizzle9:26pm: hot guys...in the general
i love hot guys,
oh by the way, im jtt, nice to meet you, and im glad you find me hot.

i find u hot too, add me to ur list if ur saultry sexy

18th July 2004

comeontomyhouse9:38pm: kenny wayne shepherd
drake bell
ashton kutcher
the non singing guitarist from jet
johnny depp
uh wow i thot i had more...my bf blake is beautiful tho :-p

16th July 2004

ucf_princess_2111:13pm: I'm new
I'm new to this community...and my hot guy[s] are [that I can think of right now]...

COLIN FARREL [one of the main ones]
Johnny Depp
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Mark Ruffalo

...just to name a few
Current Mood: blah

9th July 2004

fluffy1548712:02pm: Hi, this is the first time I'm promoting, I promise not to do it too often.

If you're looking for a rating community, check this one out:
_insideandoutCollapse )

7th July 2004

bruenettebabe0x9:33pm: omg
HI!!Im new to this place.Here are some guys i think r hott...
1.Orlando bloom
2johnny depp
3,daniel radcliffe
4.riley smith
5.vince vaughn
6.tobey mgiure
7.jake gylhenhall
Current Mood: flirty
fluffy154872:11pm: Eye Candy
I just remembered about this thing. Okay, so I had to take the AP test for chemistry this year, and I don't understand anything about chemistry. So when the hot resident sub at our school came in as one of the teachers making sure we didn't cheat, my eyes could no longer stay on the paper. Keep in mind I'm not usually so caught up on a guy's looks, but Mr. Kimura is just hot, and I was bored of the test. BTW, he's the guy I added a picture of on the survey in my last post.
So after I realized how much I love guys' bodies, so much more than I'd ever noticed before, I decided to make a collage. I was going to put it on my binder, but my printer would die trying to print all those colors. It's still a work in progress, but I think I've done very nicely. And before everyone starts telling me who is and isn't hot on there, it's just who I like, so don't get all hissy about me putting someone you think is ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, afterall.

And BTW, the picture got resized so it's not clear. I'm disappointed, but I don't know of any way to fix it.
Hottie CollageCollapse )
Current Mood: horny
fluffy1548712:58pm: Survey fun
Hey everyone, someone just reminded me of this survey I did awhile ago. It's a list of movie characters and actors (sometimes the actors play the characters) and follow the listed rules to show which of them you would sleep with and under what circumstances. I cheated and looked up pictures of people I didn't know so I could give better answers. The last three are the ones I added. Have fun with it!

Who I'd doCollapse )
Current Mood: amused
hotbanana11:16am: hello y'all!!!
im hannah and ive already commented a few times...but i just figured out today how to join communities...bravo for me! anyways...my lj is open to the public so check it out sometime? your welcome to comment on anything that interests you...be seeing you guys later...
Current Mood: accomplished

5th July 2004

fluffy154871:17am: Hi everyone, I'm new to this community. I just thought I'd introduce myself; I'm Tara. My favorite hottie celebs are Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, but the list goes on and on. I've started a collage of hot guys, but I doubt I'll ever finish it because my printer would fail to express the true beauty of those creatures we are so fortunate to bestow our eyes on... I love guys...

30th March 2004

hidden_desires12:28pm: mmmmm kenny chesney and dale earnhardt jr.. it doesnt get any hotter than that!

29th December 2003

usyluver6:04am: hottie


3rd November 2003

tazmania65074:59pm: Your monitor may overheat
...okay gals (and maybe some gay guys if there are any here), here's a post for ya! It's nothing but George Clooney!

andCollapse )

4th September 2003

lennongurl973:10am: Colin
Colin Farrell anyone? *oggles icon*
Current Mood: crazy

1st September 2003

asuka144:11am: Johnny Depp!! He is hot!! Oh yes!! And Jack Sparrow... even though they're basically the same person... Oh well...

I'm new! Hi! Hello!

I'm a fool! Yes! Yup!

I'm off to write chapter five of my story now. Go me.
Current Mood: energetic
lennongurl973:57am: Johnny Depp anyone?
Anyone like Johnny Depp? He's hot and funny, seems like a great guy. And if you've seen Pirates of the Caribbean you know he's a great actor. Cracked me up. I need pics of him! Hey asuka14 got any pics? :)
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